Band Bio

Uncalledfor was born in a small bedroom rehearsal studio in San Diego, California. The project started off with Randy, his guitar and a drum machine. After listening to the raw creation, John decided to jump in on drums. Songs began to form and we knew it was time to find a bass player. So, we contacted long time friend Tim Boyle to see of he wanted to join in. He accepted, making the original-founding members as follows: Randy Copeland (guitar/vocals), John Copeland (drums), Tim Boyle (bass). After countless practices we devised a live set consisting of seventeen songs. We were now ready to play live!

For our first show we started out with a bang playing outdoors at a local college campus. Not only was the response phenomenal, we also received a check for one hundred dollars and were asked to play the KGB Sky Show. At this point we realized we might have what it takes to make it to the top. Next, we played at a small club called the Playhouse where they have an outdoor stage attached to the bar. The adjoining neighbors called the police, who came inside and told us we couldn't play. Having brought our friends and equipment, we insisted that the show must go on. We shut the metal, garage-like door and set up inside the bar and played anyway.

This sent us off on a blazing rampage through the San Diego punk rock club scene. We performed at such venues as Brick by Brick, Dream Street, The Blvd, Buster Daly's, Kelly's Pub, a skate park, a local radio station, and some most memorable keg parties. As time went on, a conflict began to develop between some band members and Tim decided he no longer wanted to be a part of it.

Tim quit at an inopportune time because we had a major show coming up in two days. With no time to waste we selected Matt Craig (who was referred to us by a mutual acquaintance) to be the new bass player of Uncalledfor. Matt quickly learned all of the songs and played the show with tremendous success. Since then Matt has become a critical part of the band, and we have gone on to open for such bands as Dr. Know and The Dickies

Along the way, we met up with Brian Robinson (owner of Crooked Records) who expressed a sincere interest in our music. He offered us a deal we couldn't refuse, and we took it. We are now recording at Doubletime Studios with Jeff Forrest whose credits include FEAR, Blink 182, Mike Keneally (from Frank Zappa), and many other greats. The CD will be out in the summer of 2001 so look for it in stores.

Uncalledfor is: